Charlotte is one of our first Lyla Tov Monsters! She will be a welcome addition to any family. With Charlotte by your side, grumpy, scary monsters won't stand a chance! With her smiling face and happy, friendly attitude, they'll quickly turn the other way and find someplace else to do their scaring. Whether you need to sleep or face a trip to someplace new that makes you nervous, Charlotte will lighten your spirits and calm your nerves!

Lyla Tov Monsters are good monsters meant to protect their owners from bad monsters and disturbing dreams. Children can sleep peacefully with a Lyla Tov Monster by their side.

Each monster is about 18" tall (including legs) and is ready to be friend and guardian to a child you know.

Charlotte is safety tested and rated for ages 0+.

We manufacture in small batches, so there may be slight differences in the fabric and look of your Lyla Tov Monster and the one pictured. Don't worry! Your Monster will be just as cuddly and ready to keep bad dreams away!