Lyla Black designed her first monster as a holiday gift for her father when she was just three years old. In the years since then, she has worked with her staff to create hundreds of one-of-a-kind Lyla Tov Monsters. Her skill at picking just the right patterns and combinations of arms, legs, ears, horns, shirts, skirts and/or tails has brought these plush toys to life. With new lines of specialty plush, Lyla has brought a good night's sleep to hundreds of children around the world.
      Erin uses the skills she has learned working as a professional costume designer and technician to oversee patterning and fabrication of the Lyla Tov Monsters. Erin's familiarity with monsters goes back over ten years, to when she worked as a costume designer for Sesame Street at the Jim Henson Company – a job which earned her two Emmy awards. She has also taught costuming at New York University as well as working as a freelance illustrator, sculptor and designer for television, film and live theatre.
      In addition to being "Daddy" to his own brood of 4 little monsters, Eric has been hands on with Lyla Tov Monsters. He began turning and stuffing arms and legs of one-of-a-kind Monsters and moved on to running a successful Kickstarter campaign, writing the first Lyla Tov Monster book and managing various operational aspects of the company.

Eric has worked extensively in children's television for the Jim Henson Company and Scholastic Media.

Lyla Introduces the Monsters

Lyla on Moneyish
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Lyla Tov Monster Kickstarter Video